Game Update v1.49 [September 2023]

Hello Zwifters!
We begin our phased rollout of Zwift game version 1.49 today to all OS platforms.

All Platforms

  • We have updated our onboarding experience to provide new Zwifters a suggested series of things to do during their first few rides while also teaching them the basics of how to Zwift (cycling only).

  • Cycling XP Awards: In order to make XP awards for miles and kilometers more equitable, we will now award 32 XP per mile ridden, up from 30. Zwifters will still earn 20 XP per kilometer ridden. Read more about it here. No change for run XP

  • Improved navigation of the Repack Rush leaderboards.

  • Zwift Play: Ride Leaders can now control fence options using Zwift Play controllers.

  • Zwift Play: Fixed an issue where the braking haptic (vibration) feedback would not work properly if Zwift Play controllers were power cycled or disconnected and reconnected while in game.

  • Improved the difficulty estimation of workouts containing free ride blocks.

  • Elite Rizer: Improved steering responsiveness in Repack Rush.

  • Elite Rizer: Fixed an issue that prevented intersection route selection via steering.

  • Fixed an issue which caused bikes to have dust trails and gravel sounds on some Climb Portal routes.

  • Running: Fix a bug where speed signals were not working for some treadmills (Bowflex BXT226, BXT216, Landice L7)

  • Fixed an issue that could make it difficult to stay in packs or overtake riders in groups.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause lag or crashes while navigating through workout collections.

  • Fixed an issue which caused the “Fit & Fun” workout to go missing.

  • Climb Portal: Fixed an issue that would allow you to slightly steer off of the road boundaries on some routes.

  • Fixed an issue in the France world where an unnamed segment timer would appear

  • Zwift Launcher: Updated Windows / macOS launcher to version 1.1.10.

  • General game stability improvements.


  • Zwift Play: Fixed a potential crash that could occur after turning off a controller.
  • Zwift Hub: Fixed a potential crash that could occur after powering off the trainer.

If you have questions or see issues - please let us know in this thread!

UPDATE September 28
Phased rollout to all OS platforms continues today.

UPDATE September 29
1.49.0 phased rollout to all OS platforms is complete.


Glad this made it in and looking forward to seeing how it plays out in large pace partner groups and races. Is this change only for people with 1.49, i.e. people farther back in the rollout will be stuck with the 1.48 pack dynamics issue until the rollout hits them? Or is it a server-side switch once the rollout is complete?

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Any way to force the macOS update?

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A server-side switch will be enabled after 1.49 phased rollout is available to everyone. Otherwise, you’ll have different pack behavior for those using 1.49 vs an earlier version.

Corollary After the switch is flipped, Zwifters who’ve set their iOS / tvOS / Android OS preferences to not auto-update apps will experience pack behavior different from those around them using v 1.49.

TLDR: Please update to version 1.49 when it’s available to you.


Negative, but the update will be rolling out to everyone over the next few days.


I’ve criticized Zwift in the past for the design of the upcoming events page on the Zwift main app but I’ve got to congratulate the programmers at Zwift this month because they have gone one step further and completely removed any useful information on the event tiles.

Do you want to know what world the event will be in? No you don’t.

Do you want to know what distance the event will be? Well, Zwift can tell you how many laps it will be.

OK, how many laps of which course? Why would you want to know what course it is? All you need to know is it’s 2 laps of a course somewhere in Zwift.

What about the elevation of the ride? What about it?

At least it will show you the laps | distance | elevation information if you click on the event tile but still nothing about the route and world the event takes place in. Maybe if you’re lucky the organiser will have put the info into the event description (which takes two clicks to get to) but more likely they haven’t.


Thanks I tried uninstalling and re-installing a fresh copy but had no luck. Guess I’ll have to wait!

I’ve said this ever since the new homescreen launched. The lack of a route name/world name on events is baffling. Personally, I think that’s a key bit of information for many Zwifters who are experienced/knowledgeable on the platform.


Me too, get rid of the useless images on the event tiles and give us this important information… please!!!


Ha, it is funny it will let you know it’s 2 laps, but not how long the laps are. Like, 2 laps of crit city, or two laps of the Uber Pretzel? Might make a difference in whether or not I have time to do the event maybe :slight_smile:


I might be a Zwift weirdo, but I happen to start every ride, every day, from the same course. It sure would be nice if Zwift remembered your favorite courses and added them to the home screen’s “For You” options. Thanks!


one good thing the old UI did was give us this, I like having a default route to ride.

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Is anyone experiencing left controller loss of steering with 1.49? Everything functions correctly except for steering. Left button cycles through map views and does nothing else.

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Anyone else has issues when he tries to update on Windows 11? No way to get it finished here.
Resinstalled whole client the third time now without any successful updating after starting the client. Downloaded the setup file and deleted every “Zwift” folder found on the system.

Also run “sfc /scannow” and got some files fixed. Everything does not improve the situation. Internet connection is working fine and fast, laptop is on wired connection. Restarted the laptop too.

Still waiting since 20 minutes while “Updating” is shown:

Running out of ideas what to do next.

Something changed:


Hope the support can fix this issue. Sad that no logfile was writen.

We’ve got a MAJOR BUG on our hands…

I now have two reports in the last 12 hours from 2 group ride leaders who haven’t had fence controls AT ALL!!!

Little more detail; turns out both of these rides were on Yorkshire’s Tour of Tewit route.
However I was on another ride immediately after updating also on the route, but that leader was able to control fence (but not sure if he had updated as of yet or was on a different device).

Second ride last night, same map however, leader had no fence controls.
Just got messaged from someone else on discord stating they were unable to control fence yesterday after updating as well.

But that’s… that needs to be looked into for sure.
If this bug is more widespread than poor old Yorkshire, it’s going to wreck group rides in the meantime.


I’m wondering if the file path you have is incorrect, why is it trying to use the D drive and not C drive?

What you see in the error is the path to where the code was compiled, not where it was installed

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It is on c drive installed and the support helped me to get it sorted. I needed to run the update as Administrator, even when it worked the updates before. There was something wrong with the access to the download folder or kind of. Now it works.

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