Balancing XP Earned: Miles vs Kilometers [September 2023]

With the release of Zwift game version 1.49, we have addressed an experience point (XP) earning imbalance for those who use imperial units in Zwift. Until now, those who use metric earned more XP during the same ride.

Why did Zwift change the per mile XP?

  • Previously, Zwifters using imperial units would get 30 XP per mile. By moving to 32 XP per mile, we are closing the gap to the 20 XP per kilometer earned if you use metric units.
  • We balanced the XP earned for a given distance to be more equitable.

What is the change to XP per mile?

  • We are adjusting the XP earned per mile from 30 to 32.

Is this a retroactive change or only going forward?

  • This change will affect new miles logged on Zwift after the feature is turned on.

Is there any change to members that ride kilometers?

  • No change to Zwifters riding in kilometers.

When will this change go into effect?
*: It is part of our Zwift game version 1.49 release

Is there anything I need to do to get this new XP per mile?

  • Make sure you log out and log back in and ensure you are on the latest release version.

Ah good, just in time for me to clean up the last 25% I have left in level 59 :smiling_imp:

(Good to see this fixed though; probably has confused tons of people… But I didn’t want to learn kph and km that much, so I instead chose to suffer lol!)


Or perhaps instead of suffering you wanted to savour every level more?

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That’s a shame. Encouraging metric should be a mission of people of science and engineering. Now we are back to encouraging measurement based on elbows and grains of barley :sweat_smile:


I think it was the combination of Km earning more than miles and then the roadside Alpe km markers, but Zwift got me now THINKING in kilometers!

At this point when someone remarks on miles to go or similar I have to mentally convert to km to get a ‘feel’ for it. This has been a sorta fun ‘side effect.’.

Separately, I enjoy figuring things out even if ‘only’ researching’ them on ‘Zwift Insider’ … taking the time to learn and solve more of the puzzle is part of any ‘game’ in some sense. Knowledge IS power in cycling in general including on Zwift much more than most think from hearing comments over the years including from many logging many more km than me :wink:

There’s a balance, naturally. I’m not AGAINST the change, just reflecting on the fun I had when things were a little ‘off’ for Imperialists :wink:


1mile equals 31680 eagle feet talons … :thinking: just wanted to add another precise measure instrument :sweat_smile:


Well HALLELUJAH. This is way WAY overdue…. No dis to all European neighbours but living in UK distances are measured in miles not km’s. Fair reward for equal mileage :grin:


Its ok, the yard, pound, inch etc have all been officially defined wrt their metric equivalent since 1959. Just don’t tell anyone!

Not in my (UK) house.

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you must have a big house.


Huge. Big enough to contain the whole of Watopia in a small box on the wall …

On the wall? there must be some pretty steep gradients on that.

I wouldn’t know … the gradient chart is too small to read …


Why didn’t they instead give the metric folks 18 xp per km and leave imperial alone?

Because it is always better to give one group of customers more than another group less?

Makes more sense:
1 mi / 32 XP = 1.6 km x 20 XP
1 mi / 30 XP would be 18.75 (!) XP per km…