Bonus XP boost for mile riders

It seems silly to me that riding in km gains more XP than riding in miles. In the UK (US & Australia too I think), miles and MPH are the standard units - so that’s what I understand and therefore use.

100 miles = 160.9km
100 miles = 3000 XP
160 km = 3200 XP

70,000 XP (level 20) is 3500 km or 2333 miles. But 2333 miles is 3754km.

So it would be great if every 100 miles gave 230XP to bridge the deficit. 

Yes absolutely, there should be a system in place to square things up. Or alternatively, lets penalise the km users to bring them inline :slight_smile:

Wow, hold up here.

Don’t you know the rules?

Rule # 24: Speeds and distances shall be referred to and measured in kilometers.

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Or you switch back and forth while riding and get points for both systems.  :-)

Many of “The Rules” are for posers and twonks. :stuck_out_tongue: Switching back and forth doesn’t work - and is a PITA to do. :wink:

You’re definitely spot on in that regard, despite the in-game experience being very good, the Zwift UI makes BBC Ceefax look positively user-friendly

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It is rather surprising that math wasn’t used to equalize the km/mile points when this was first implemented.

Hush up!

This little KM boost gets you faster to level 20, what’s the harm? :slight_smile:

Next you are going to want to ban the boost you get by riding the TT bike :wink:

I think you’ve missed the point, Michael.

@Daren, hitting the ‘U’ key when you start a ride is a PITA?? but turning on the computer, TV, putting shoes and shorts on, starting Zwift, logging into Zwift, re-pairing your ANT+ speed/cadence sensor each time, and then finally starting a ride isn’t a PITA??

LOL, come on’ mate, lighten up, it’s just a game :slight_smile: