Avoid XP points, just use km

(Tadeusz) #1

If XP points are given only for distance riden, what’s the reason to use them instead of just simply kilometers?

(Daren) #2

You get XP for other things as well. Workouts, achievements, climbing Alpe du Zwift and getting a prize for the second time, large and small power up bonus, competing a KoM or sprint section.

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(Richard) #3

If you just use Km, then it won’t make sense for the people who use Miles

(Tadeusz) #4

Velominati rule #24 http://www.velominati.com/the-rules/#24

(Daren) #5

“The rules” are a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone who takes them seriously is a twonk.

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(Daren) #6

(Although I do make a small exception for the one about riding in bad weather. :wink: )

(Lin) #7

See rule #1 :wink:

(Tadeusz) #8

Your children know that there’s no Santa Claus…" :frowning:

(Daren) #9

Rules are made to be broken. O_o

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