Are you better off using KM or miles?

Help me out with the math here…am I better off with KM’s or Miles?

The Rules

Seriously, which are you more comfortable with?

Miles are the One True Measurement.

However, because Zwift is bad at maths, you’ll get more XP by riding in km. +20XP for each km, +30XP for each mile.

I think that ever 100 miles or so, Zwift should give out a bonus for the XP “lost” versus riding in km. 

Ah, I’ve been cheating myself with miles! And I can become in compliant with rule #24 too. Double good! Thanks guys :slight_smile:

OMG! I had no idea Zwift gave you more points for using km - that’s a bit unfair, should be +32.26XP for each mile surely!!

Over time…it’s gotta add up, right?

If by over time people who ride in miles will fall further and further behind people who ride in km, yes.

Jeremy Samuels has ridden nearly 12,900km. That would have got him 258,000 XP (to the nearest 1000). But if he’d ridden the same distance in miles he’d only have 242,000 XP (again, to the nearest 1000). 


The slight points advantage to km is nature’s way of rewarding you for using the distance measurement throughout the world.  :)  Come on, people!  This is an international sport.  I switched to metric over a decade ago.  You will better understand the commentary when watching professional races when you internalize the effort required at various speeds in metric.

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Pff, Duane! Next you’ll be saying I should measure my height in metres rather than feet and inches, and my weight in Kg rather than stones and pounds! That’s CRAZY TALK! :wink:

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I calculate dosages using milligrams per pound so, yeah, I’m all for going 100% metric!

The metric system is vulgar. Imagine a metric version of Bob Dylan’s “One too many mornings” (and 1609.34 kilometers behind).

Dude you better get used to it, we’re changing to the metric system in the US by 1980!

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