Discrepancy between XPs and KMs in relation to levels or do I miss something?


It is not clear for me how kms are counted in Zwift as I am approaching level 10 and i believe I should have been achieve it already.

Maybe the best explanation if I write the actual data:

I have to ride 150 kms after level 9 to reach level 10. OK.

Since level 9 I’ve ridden 151,2km in Zwift. I am still on level 9 with following cumulative data:

My total km shows: 715 km

Rider score: 15220 XP

I still need 85km to level 10. In addition the kms, the xp points are not in relation with the usual 1 : 20 (with metric system).

I need 85km but only 780 XP points.

Can someone please explain where this discrepancy comes from or do I have a mistake in my logic?I am a bit confused.

Thank you!

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This may help you, it’s not about KMs ridden, it’s about XP gained. If you ride the Zwift TT bike you will get 10XP every time you go under an archway.

1 km is worth 20 points

1 mile is worth 30 points.

How Many Miles for Zwift Levels?

Or perhaps following the rules, how many kilometers per Zwift Level?

It’s also worth pointing out that there is a discrepancy in XP’s gained depending on whether you use kms or miles as your unit as I found when I came to do the recent(ish) Trek mission. That was 50 kms which was 1000 XP’s or 31 miles but only 930 XP’s. 


Thank you both for your answers. I understand why there is no exact relation between KMs and XPs.

But I think I should have reach level 10 already.

Level 9 650 km

Level 10 800 km

Since I reached level 9 I rode 151 km in zwift, but still 75 km are missing looking at the total kms. I am at Total 715 km currently.

I will exactly note my Total KMs when I reach level 10 and I will observe how logged (exported to strava) and Total KMs in Zwift are increasing.

Thank you again, guys!


Can you post a screenshot of your total KM ridden from https://my.zwift.com/index.jsp or from the ZML.

If for some reason you had an internet issue near the end of a ride the entire ride might not have uploaded to Zwift. Do any of your rides show as partial? Did you have to manually upload rides to Strava?

Hi Paul,

I didnt have issues with strave uploads as I remember.

This afternoon I rode a while and (surprisingly) reached Level 10 with exactly 750 kms and 16000XP points. Maybe does it have something to do with the “trial” kms? I tried zwift last autumn, but started a subscription just recently (1 year later).

I attached a picture from the in game menu.

So 750 x 20xp = 15,000 so you must have received the the Large XP bonus (250xp) and/or the Small XP bonus (10XP) a few times when passing under an archway.

Keep pedaling and you will get to level 25 (and be stuck there for the end of time) in no time.

Ride On!

:smiley: Sure thing!

Thank you again for taking your time for this not so serious “problem”.

Ride on!


Good morning Commuity,

I think I found the problem and I believe it is a bug in Zwift.

The thing is, if you are registered to an event and you do some warmup ride before the event starts, and then from the ride screen you directly join the event (button left low corner), your XP points you collected during this “pre ride” or warmup will not be stored, they get lost.

The ride data nevertheless is saved properly and also uploaded to all other services I use.

Except the XP points in Zwift this “pre-event” ride, they get lost.

Yesterday evening I did exact 10km warmup, joind and finished an event. I checked the XP points and exactly 200 points are missing from that what i rode yesterday.

I would send this bug report to zwift support or am I right writing it simply here?