No xp gained during a TT race event?

I write down the XP I’m at after each Zwift activity, and I just noticed that I only earned 440 xp today on my two sessions: 15.1km of free-riding, and 19.7km on a session including a TT-Race of 16km + a 3.7km cooldown. This doesn’t add up correctly.

Is there a rule that Time Trials doesn’t give the 20xp / km ?
Is this a bug ?

Frederic Audet

Hi @Frederic_Audet

Based on our resources, it looks like both of your activities happened in the same Zwift app session, and totaled up to 21.6 miles, which by my math is roughly 34.8 km.

It doesn’t look like either of your rides were workouts, and they were SIM mode, so as I understand it’s 20 xp per km. So, it should have been nearly 700 XP earned. Even it you had your settings set to imperial instead of metric, it should have been closer to 650 XP as far as I’m aware.

I can’t explain why the math doesn’t add up, so I’ll run it by the team and see what they say.

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Hi @Frederic_Audet

I heard back from the team on this, and I’ll do my best to explain what was told to me:

On TT bikes, you only get XP boosts, which I believe will accrue XP in increments of 10 or 250 (depending on which boosts you get).

I believe there’s a potential for faster XP gains here if you get the bigger XP boost powerups, but if you’re only getting the 10 XP ones (which show up the vast majority of the time), then that’s likely not going to progress XP as fast.

By this, I’ve surmised that the XP gains during a TT event may not accrue based on your mileage, but accrue based on the XP boosts you received.

Hopefully I’m not way off base here (and please forgive me if I am), but that’s how I understood what was explained to me. If I’m correct, then it may explain why your XP gains were less than expected.

It’s beginning to be a bit too technical for me. :wink: As long as someone review it and there’s no evidence of a bug, that’s OK for me.

I’m not that eager to reach level 50 anyway! :slight_smile:


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