XP Point Question

In addition to mileage, I thought that XP points were awarded for completing a sprint and for completing a KOM segment. I’m halfway thru level 28, and I’m not getting those points. Is there a problem, or are points not awarded for those in-game accomplishments?

If you are ridding a non TT/Tri bike you will have a chance to get one of the Power-ups or the small or large XP bonus.

If you are riding a TT/Tri bike you will always get the small bonus.

Please see this link for general odds: https://zwiftinsider.com/distribution-of-zwift-powerups/

Went to the link…didn’t know there was a large bonus, and not seeing the 10XP small bonus at all…done a ton of sprints without any XP points…the 29% distribution of the small points bonus is not at all accurate, in my experience.

Anyway, its not a big deal, just thought I’d ask for clarification. Thanks for the reply.

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If you’re looking for the most XP, make sure you ride a TT bike. That way you’ll always just get the 10 XP bonus at sprint and KOM arches. If you’re riding a regular bike it’s really a crap shoot. I can’t say that I agree with the award distribution from the ZI article but, then again, it was put up back in 2018 and Zwift has had a lot of updates since that time, so perhaps the distribution was changed.

Also, be sure you sign up for Tour of Watopia, or whatever event was just announced. If I read it correctly it sounds like every stage is going to award double XP!

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Just did rough pass at the math…over the course of the year, if the 29% sprint small point bonus were accurate, I’d have banked over 1500 XP points…that’s a conservative number, and doesn’t include KOM bonus points. Not a game changer, but significant enough that Zwift should clarify the regular bike points in the sprint and KOM areas.
(Not a TT bike guy, and won’t do it just for the points)