[Bug?] Large Bonus (+250 XP) not being rewarded

While Zwifting over the past 1.5 years, every now and then i noticed that i was being rewarded only 10 XP when the wheel hit the big red Plus. I know there is a small chance, but 10 XP is actually the small purple one.

I was able to record this on 3 occasions, but Zwift won’t let me link YouTube Videos :frowning:

Before i open a ticket i’d like to hear your opinions about this.

Edit: if you want to watch the vid, search for “Zwift - Large Bonus” on YouTube. It’s only 0:36 seconds.

When you are using a TT/Tri bike you only get the Small Bonus (10XP)

Found your video (will see if I can link it here below for you)

If you slow it down to like x0.25 speed, you will see that you are actually getting the small XP bonus - it’s just that it is only appearing for 2-3 frames on screen, so if you’re not really staring at the screen it looks like the large XP was the last thing to appear.

Personally I’d like Zwift to change it so that if you do get an XP bonus of either type, that it stayed in the circle for a good few seconds so you can see exactly what it is you’ve “won” rather than disappearing immediately, as that would prevent this sort of confusion.

Yes, you are right in all 3 cases. Wow :open_mouth:
Many Thanks! :+1:

Nice to have that clarified. I thought I was being cheated too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Definitely some room for improvements, eh DEVs? :wink:

And while you work on this, how about some other stuff like…

  • badge system improvement with accurate distance information not ignoring the lead in
  • tracking towards certain achievements like “Maso.chist”
  • more than one obtainable badge per ride, not having to close and reopen Zwift to make it work

? :smiley: