Unable to get XP for a ride

I am very despondent. Yesterday, my screen froze while riding. I ended up rejoining and was prompted to ask if I wanted to resume activity. I said yes, so thought all was well. As it turned out, I did not receive 100 mile badge, jersey, or badge for completing the PRL full. I rode 115 miles. I have contacted Zwift support, and they are investigating to remedy (I hope) badges and jersey, but have said that they are unable to award the XP, 3460. I am incredibly upset about this. Is there seriously not any way to award a rider xp after the fact?

Hi @Shannon_Frey, welcome to the forums. We’ve always been told they can’t retroactively reward badges and achievements due to “limitations” on Zwifts end.

Good luck, I hope they can help, but don’t hold your breath.

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Thank you for your quick response. The support person who helped me said she would investigate the badges and jersey; it’s the XP that can’t be rewarded, which is incredibly upsetting considering it is the highest XP that can be earned. I was told to post here as the development team checks this regularly.
I am hoping for the best and know that I shouldn’t hold my breath!
Thanks again-

Sit tight iam sure you will get your achievements it happened to me on a 100 k event I lost jersey and Xp and zwift put them back in my garage it took about 2 wks my circumstance were different it was because I had zwift app open on more than one device and it messed up my achievements ( they went missing )but I promise swift did correct it for me hope you have same good outcome to resolve yours

You got xp as well?

And thank you for responding!

Hi yes I did I was about to purchase wheels and notice my Xp from the 100k ride had not been added I had very nice msg saying “we will add the xp it may take 2 wks but hope you can buy your wheels once you receive your Xp” it was when I 1st joined last yr I was very pleased . I wd msg them in about a wks time if you don’t hear anything. Like you was my 1st big ride and I was gutted when my jersey and Xp didn’t show.

To add I just found zwift msg it was John S operations lead 7th of July he added my 100 clicks badge + jersey plus I had 99,473 drops missing with the actual xp from the 100 k ride he added all of this back on my to profile he was really good to deal with if he is still there try him

You are the best- thank you!

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