Can lost xp be restored?

I did a ride on the 20th that would have provided roughly 800xp. I had started the ride using my phone app for Zwift (not the companion app). I did this because I have a poor internet connection where my setup is (I’m stuck with the situation, please dont ask, it is what it is) and the latests update was going to take a while on my laptop.

After the updated was done I opened the program while my phone app was still running. A bad idea apparently but I didn’t know that at the time. This disconnected me from the server (on the phone) and so I was riding in the world alone. Okay no big deal I just keep riding and when Im done the ride uploads to my strata and training peaks and I don’t think anything of it.

Today when I get on I noticed the xp I had gained during that ride appeared to missing from my progress bar.

The activity is shown in my companion app so it did upload fully it seems but no xp.

Is it possible to have the xp restored? My guess is probably not but can’t hurt to ask.

History tells me that it can’t be done. I’ve known badges be awarded but I’ve not known of XP being added retrospectively.

Send me a screenshot of your activity in companion and I’ll press some magic buttons.

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sent, thank you

Edit. It’s also entirely possible I’m imagining things and there is no problem or that I’m the problem.

I’ve talked very poorly of zwift development problems and support here in the past.

They came through for me on this one and I couldn’t be happier with the response. Above and beyond and likely a better response then I deserve given how I’ve treated support in the past.

Thank you



Your last post is up there with the best post i have ever read of this entire forum.

Reading your activity history it’s fair to say you’ve offered a less than glowing perception of Zwift.
However you’ve taken the time to thank the staff for their help, I’m sure that’ll mean a lot to them.

I hope others take this on board, an initial post that was balanced and respectful which duly got actioned and you’ve acknowledged it.

The forum is littered with people who vent their spleen, often on the first post but never return to say thanks.

Nobody deliberately creates a bug, nor do support deliberately try to not help, it’s all about being realistic about a complex program and staff that are stretched to their max capabilities.

Again great post.