XP not updating after last upgrade

Hope someone can help me out with this.
Long time zwift runner here. Reached running lvl 21 over 2 years ago and kept running. probably logged close to 2000km after reaching lvl 21. With the latest runnin level jump to 30 I was getting 20xp points for each 250 meters (instead of regular 10). I figured I should have enough banked points to fast track at least a few levels but after the latest upgrade double xp is no more. I’m back at getting 10Xp points each 250 meters of running and I haven’t even reached lvl 22 yet.

Thank you

This is a known issue with the latest update, it is also happening with cycling XP.

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Fair enough, thank you. My double cycling XP ran out after lvl 54 so I wouldn’t have noticed…
Hope the fix is coming soon then

Take care

Same problem here. Hope there will be a fix soon so we can enjoy the extra XPs from TOW as well.


I’ll test this in the morning.

and people wondered why some were sceptical that zwift really did know how much banked XP people had and would give them all back at some point!

The “trust us, we know what it should be we just don’t want to show you it just yet” line is looking a little suspect with the other XP issues that are happening!


It’s no biggy for me. I’m gonna max out on levels in the next month and I’m fairly confident there’s no level increase around the corner.

I’ll be sat at max for some time.

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me neither, XPs are meaningless without levels so whether i have 2,000,000 XP or 750,000 makes no difference when both mean i’m level 60.

Some people seem to care a lot about them though.

Same for me, reached out to zwift support and they just keep telling me how double xp works. I’m cycling and should be earning double xp to level 60.


same here

Again that’s poor from Zwift support.

It’s a known issue and is being worked on. I’m reassured that the xp banked so you haven’t lost it but given that the capping of cycling xp is still ongoing I’m not sure of a timescale to resolve this.

after installation of latest update on ATV no more double xp for riders lvl 50+ with banked xp

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It’s known about. You are still earning it in the background so no panic.

It’ll be sorted soon.

You will just have to trust that this is all working out behind the scenes. At least that’s what everyone keeps saying.

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I admire you’re optimism

It’s how i live my life. Always try and look for the positive.
In reality missing XP is a first world problem.

It doesn’t affect my health, wealth or family.


Same for me and a friend:
I reached lev 50 in Feb 2020 (3 years ago !) so i suppose i’m not done with double XP. Since the last update no more double XP

Same here. No double XP since last update AppleTV

Same here… On Level 57 and during the now on going ToW I use to get 60 XP / km (Why not 80 XP, 2 x 40?) Anyway, 60 XP per kilometer but now after the update I only get 40 XP again in ToW 2023 and 20 XP in every other event / free ride. Please fix this Zwift and I guess it is fixed and accumulated behind the scenes and we won’t loose it (I hope)

anyone know if there is a timeline in place for when this will be resolved? part of me wants to not care because; well it doesn’t really matter. but part of me cares a lot, though I’m not sure why. because it kinda doesn’t matter.