XP applied for previous runs?

Now that we can earn XP and go past level 21, is all the XP racked up in previous runs (before the latest update) going to be added to our accounts? I was stuck at the max level for some time, hope all of the running I did was not wasted in terms of XP!

It is. You will notice you receive double xp for every quarter of a mile/km and also per 100 calories.

This will continue until you’ve used your banked xp and then you’ll revert to normal earnings.

It’s about 90km of free running to level 22 if that helps.

I’ve a feeling i might get to level 30 whilst still on my banked xp.

Awesome thanks for this! Some incentive to put down some extra kms!

Absolutely. New kit at every level.

As noted you get double XP for each quarter mile and 100 calories burned.

You also get double XP for workout intervals and it stacks with miles and calories XP.

Each new level starts at about 7k needed to level up for the first 4 then goes to 8k per level.

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Broken, again.
I still have banked XP’s. It shows the L26>>L30 icon (almost at L27 btw).
+10XP gets displayed every 250m as expected but the total shows 10XP have been added, not 20XP.
Running (no pun intended) on Android.

They’ve changed how it works Xavier. You are seeing your runner score which is being incremented by 10XP.

You are still getting accelerated XP towards your level.

Total gets incremented by 10, not 20xp.

Yes, what you are seeing is your runner score which only increments by 10 irrespective of accelerated XP. The extra goes on your level acceleration.

James explains it here.