Xp Points for Running

I understand how XP points are awarded. 10 points per 0.25km or 15 points per 0.25 miles plus 5 points per 100 calories.
I also know that you can achieve bonus points for gaining badges such as completing routes and other achievements.
I couldn’t understand how my brother was amassing more points than me and levelling up quicker despite running less and having a break through injury.

A question I seem to have stumbled across and am looking for confirmation is:

Do you get additional points for completing workouts? I have been doing the 5k Record Breaker training plan and noticed at the end of my workout today that my progress bar moved up around a centimetre in one jump. No notification of points awarded.
This would explain the difference between us as I always “just run” whilst my brother always does workouts.
We are on a similar level even though I have ran significantly more distance and have considerably more badges.

Any thoughts??

Yes, in running you get the XP awarded for Distance and the Workout XP (this is different to cycling) and a quick way to level up i.e. do more/only workouts. They are calculated by time, so likely your last segment was a longer one (like a 2km cool down) and that bumped up the XP awarded. You got the XP but it flashes by so quickly you can miss it. Or if you get another XP award around the same time (calories or distance).


Thank you, If only I’d discovered before I got to level 20. Haha.