How is workout XP calculated?

Clearly, there is some XP awarded per segment (perhaps adjusted depending on whether you got “Perfect,” “Okay,” or "Fail). And there is some XP awarded at the end of the workout (though the ride summary pop-up dialogue box makes this hard to see nowadays). But how are these values calculated?

The first rule of XP: “Don’t talk about XP” :wink:.

I always assumed it is based on mileage (or km), same as ‘JRA’ - but with a multiplier factored in for interval or block completion.

For example: if you get 30 XP per mile whenever you’re ‘just riding’, you might expect to get 600 points if you cover 20 miles during the SST(short) workout - w/ some awarded for completing the warm-up and cool-down and the lion’s share awarded after the 4x SST block (because you cover the most distance there).

I’ve never paid close enough attention to notice if the points awarded for ‘ok’ completion are different from those awarded for ‘perfect’. Obviously, if you fail a segment - no points for you!

But, then, it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme, does it? Just keep riding and the points will follow!