Workout XP

Recently, Zwift adjusted the algorithm for awarding XP while on structured workouts. Most scenarios award fairly, granting XP based on time and intensity. But long blocks and “free rides” — used often for very difficult as well as cool-down/rest blocks — are an edge case. As a user it is very frustrating to get the same 90 XP for 10 minutes @ 50% FTP and a 15 minute block @ 75% FTP. Likewise, for workouts that use “free ride” for a max effort, I receive no XP benefit for pushing my power to the max, receiving the same XP for a minute at 450 watts as I would for 75 watts or 750. I expect the algorithm to be better. Or the plan workouts to be redesigned to break up big ramps and sustained efforts into smaller chunks that fall under the XP ceiling.