No levelpoints until workout

I just finished a 90min workout. 44km but no +20XP until every km
and the ERGmode didn’t worked

Without workout everything is fine

I don’t see any screenshots from your workout, so can’t be sure on your specific situation, but I can tell you that workout XP are different than regular XP. In workout mode XP are awarded at the change of each workout interval, not at each km/mile. And I’m pretty sure they are awarded at a different rate, also (in theory a higher rate). So, by the end of your workout you should have had more XP than when you started, but you would not have seen the notice pop up at each km point. I hope that helps.


thx for your answer. no there are no more points in the level scala

and the counter of my account is the same after the workout.

all my rides with this account are now in 650km. summary in the bike at strava.
zwift says 490.

something went wrong

I’m not sure why you are bringing Strava into the discussion. Strava has nothing to do with XP earned in Zwift.

it is just a additional info about the KMcounter of my account

You get 20xp per km when doing free ride.
On workouts you get xp when finishing any of block from workout.
5m workout is 53/54 xp for example.

hello thank you. i will take a look to it

i create an own workout. 90min @ 170w
and there was nothing :-/

Should get around 950 exp after finishing all 90 minutes but they need be close to perfect 170 watts
Easier is with shorter parts. Make 9 x 10 minutes. If you wont make one part good then will lose only xp from one part.
To get full xp need have star on left side of part of workout.

good morning. thank you. i will try it.