XP Earned Per Ride

It would be nice to see the XP earned on each ride on the activities page in the companion app. We can already see our mileage, duration, elevation climbed, and calories burned. It would be nice to see how many XP we have earned on each ride.

Just my two cents to make this platform even better. Thanks everyone!

Adding to that, total XP points and points needed to next level, clearly visible in the companion app and profile on the website. Should’t be that hard to implement.

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This might be particularly helpful when you get bonus XP from completing a badge.

For most rides it’s a quick bit of mental arithmetic, since you get 20xp per km or 30xp per mile. Depending on which units you’re using, just multiply the number of completed whole miles/km by the relevant number.

(I realise not everyone is comfortable with maths, and I’m not trying to say the feature wouldn’t be helpful. Just pointing this out in case it wasn’t obvious.)

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I made a spreadsheet with iOS Numbers and keep track of XP, drops, elevation gain (or miles completed to challenge) and badge total. Adding the figures in after a ride is one of the pleasures of completion for me.

Darren, I agree for normal rides mental math is not that difficult at 30xp per mile, but what gets difficult is in workout mode. Since XP are given for each segment of the workout, and at different rates based upon duration, and difficulty, the mental math becomes much more difficult to keep up with. Thanks, and Ride On!

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Good point, I seldom ride workouts so that completely slipped my mind!

If all you want is the total XP for the ride, you could simply check your total XP from the menu screen at the start of the ride and then again at the end.

Still not perfect (and definitely agree there is a lot of stuff that would be useful in the companion app that we don’t currently have) but it at least gives you the data.