Workout mode and xp

Love the new workout mode. Do the miles I log in workout mode add to my xp? I didn’t see the “+30 xp” message each mile. 

Another question- What criteria prompts the “Failed” message at conclusion of a workout set?  I did an easy level one FTP workout and it failed me to my surprise. If anything I was over the prescribed watts. How sensitive is the allowable variance?  Thank you.  Loving it!

Workout mode is contributing to my xp. I do get to see the usual +20 xp every kilometer as well.

Maybe it’s just a visual glitch in the imperial setting? Is your bar gradually filling over time?

After a second workout, I now see the xp bar is progressing, although I still don’t see the +30 each mile. Yet another reason the metric system is better :).  I love the workouts. Great addition.

I’m not sure about the mile +30XP, but I definitely saw XP awarded for “perfect” sections in the workout. e.g. 3XP for 20 seconds at 140W, or 21XP for 2 mins at 240W. You can see it in this screenshot:

By the way, I got +120XP for the FTP test itself:

I really need to get in and try the workout mode.

It is my hope that they will have multiple modes available eventually. Somthing along the lines of other trainer packages.