Not earning xp in workout mode

For about a week now I have not earned xp for any intervals other than the warmup when using workout mode. Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out! We’ve tested this in our labs, and we haven’t found these issues in workout mode. If you’re still having problems, open a support tickets and send us your logs. We can take a look!

Thanks for the follow up. I’ll see what happens tomorrow and go from there.

Maybe my memory is terrible (or I just stopped paying attention somewhere along the way - which is equally likely) - but I seem to remember points being awarded only at the end of each block. 

So… for example:

If you’re doing an SST workout with a 5 min warm up followed by 4x (5min @ 96% FTP, rest 5min @ 88% FTP) and a 5 min cool-down? You’ll see xp awarded after the warm-up, but you won’t see any after the 5 min interval @ 96% FTP  OR after the 5 min @ 88% FTP. Or the one after that, or the one after that, etc.  It’s only after you finish the set of 4 that xp are awarded (and sometimes that’s easy enough to miss if you aren’t paying close attention when they flash up on the screen).

Today xp were earned after the workout as expected using the same custom workout. All appears to be well.