Change workout XP penalties

Would love some friendlier behavior to how XP is rewarded with workouts.

  1. If a workout has repeated intervals (e.g, work interval, rest interval, repeated say 6X), award XP as each interval is completed, NOT as an entire block. It’s frustrating to stop for a bathroom break or have a trainer connection issue in the middle of 45-min repeat session and get 0 XP from it.

  2. Similar to above, it’s ridiculous that stopping at all (bathroom, connectivity problems, etc) causes that interval to fail. This has happened to me during long 20-60 minute intervals where I need to pause to use the bathroom but otherwise successfully complete the workout… 0 XP.

I don’t agree with your point #2. If you pause the workout and come back you have to get your power in the correct range (use the companion app to see watts) and then un- pause then you wont loose stars.

I would also suggest breaking long segments into smaller blocks, because you never know when you need to stop.


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We’ll have to agree to disagree. What would be more helpful is if the pass/fail “rules” for an interval were relative to the interval length. Having 10-20 seconds of getting your power back up after a stop shouldn’t fail a 15+ min interval. And yes, you can pause before you stop pedaling, get your power back up and then unpause… but again, it seems unnecessarily strict. If I have a connection dropout, you can’t do that, or if I hope off for the bathroom and forget that pause. TrainerRoad handles this perfectly with auto-pause.

What is the downside in relaxing those rules a bit? A few people get XP when they’re having a hard time? Not a big deal.

Also, my workouts are spec’d by my coach from TrainingPeaks. I have no interest/time to rebuild them to work around Zwift’s quirks. It is a good tip if you’re building your own though.

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