Workouts and how they give xp is stupid

Just did 14 minutes of vo2max 30/30’s and because I skipped the 14th 30 second recovery I “failed” the intervals and got 0 xp for 13.5 minutes of work. Thanks zwift. Genius.

You pressed the ‘I don’t want to do this segment’ button, not the ‘okay I’m tired now please give me a fractional proportion of points equal to how much of this segment I’ve done’ button. That one is in beta.

All joking aside, the way points currently work in Zwift can be frustrating at times, but in this case it’s just user error. ‘Stupid is as stupid does’ is the phrase, right?

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that’s called “bad design”, not “user error”

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Indeed, and if the workout was changed in such a way that it are not repeats but just invidual blocks it wouldn’t be a problem.

You pressed the “skip this segment” button. If you do that, you get no points for the segment. Exactly how Zwift determines that you failed a segment is a bit of a mystery, but skipping is guaranteed to result in a failure.

When a workout is built, intervals can be created as individual segments, or as a single block. If you build a custom workout you will appreciate how painful it is to create 14 intervals as individual blocks. Plus, if you use the Intervals Block, you get ~10% bonus in XP.