Extra XP today (5 secs/XP instead of 5.55)?

Something odd happened to me today. I did workout with a set of “repeating intervals” from Training Peaks: 6 intervals of 6:02 each, one immediately after the other, for a total time 36:12. Those were grouped as a set of repeats in TP, and showed up as a set in Zwift too (though I asked for three in TP and got six in Zwift, but that’s a separate thing and I’ve started another thread about it).

What I find really strange is that XP is that XP is supposed to be granted in workouts at a pace of roughly 5.55 seconds per XP (as per Zwift Insider). And that has matched my (really brief) experience so far.

But I got 434XP (almost exactly 5 secs/XP) from that set of six intervals, when they should have given me ~390XP at ~5.55 secs/XP. But I got 434XP from those six intervals… can anyone tell me why I got an extra 11.3% XP?

Thanks for any input you may have.

Hi! Does anyone know why this happened? Anywhere I might find an answer? Thanks.

There is a good article on Zwift Insider called XP for Cycling Workouts

Sorry can’t post links :frowning:
zwiftinsider dot com slash xp-for-cycling-workouts

Thanks for the input. Yes, that article is very useful. But that’s where I learned that 1 XP takes roughly 5.55 seconds. And I’ve found that to be true in my very brief experience so far, which is why I found 434XP in 36:02 (almost exactly 5 seconds per XP) so confusing.