Max XP on intervals

Am I right in thinking the quickest way to earn XP in a custom workout is intervals?

Is there any benefit to splitting intervals into separate blocks, e.g. two lots of 2 intervals, or one lot of 4 intervals? (Shown below)

I read in Zwift insider that 62 second blocks get slightly more XP than 60 second blocks - does that apply to intervals too?

Does 30 x 1 min intervals give more XP than 2 x 15 min or 6 x 5 min? (I.e. do you get XP for completing intervals or just the overall mins?)

I did some testing (setting up intervals of 50s, 51s, 52s … 62s) and all generated one XP for every 5 seconds of cycling.

If you are looking to maximize XP from workouts in addition to ensuring your whole workout is intervals I would also choose a hill climb that matches your workout’s length roughly. So - if your workout is an hour or so you can do the Alpe, if over an hour and a half you can do mt ventoux. At the end of the workout you can simply point yourself downhill while you’re getting showered and get whatever XP you get from the descents when you get back to your bike.

Also, if you have enough to get to the top of the Alpe you get an XP bonus every time once you collect the gloves/helm and wheels, and that can also be significant if you do it routinely.

Thankyou. I’m collecting all the route badges at the mo… Need to work out the xp rate of that versus repeated climbs up the Alpe.

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Yeah, route badges are a great way to go for sure. I’ve got them all already until the new Makuri expansion comes out so forgot about those, but if you have a lot of routes remaining that roughly fit into the lengths of your workouts then that works well - roughly double the XP per km if I recall correctly.

I’ve got about 1600km of routes left to do … so 32k xp … which will take me up a couple of levels (just about to hit level 36).

I completed Instant Inferno workout today. it was 30 seconds of blue, then 30 second of green. Not a combined internal. Just repeated those over and added in yellow. is it best to find workouts with true intervals? with the 30 second repeats will I get the workout XP of around 10 XP per minute or no since they were only 30 second splits.