XP Calculation Equation

Hey Zwifters, I’m wondering if there is an appetite for adding XP for elevation climbed similar to km or miles ridden.

I ride in km instead of miles because there are more XP over the long haul to level 50. I would love to see XP based on efforts including climbing. Climbing the Alpe du Zwift is tough and should be rewarded more than just the XP for km or miles ridden (yes the wheel of gloves and helmets is there but how often do you really get the 1000XP for the additional wheel sets?).

I’m sure there is something I’m missing because I know there are much smarter cats on this forum but it is at least worth asking as I couldn’t find any request about it on the site.

Thanks for the awesome way to exercise and ride my bike. RIDE ON!

Yes, an XP “bonus” would be great. If you ride Alpe for 1 hour (1000m climb) that’s say 12km = 240XP, yet if you ride a flat road for 1 hour and cover 36km = 720XP. That’s a big difference. This can be “equalised” by adding XP bonuses for every 100m of elevation climbed, let’s say +40XP for each 100m. This way, that same Alpe climb of 1000m would give a +400XP bonus for a new total of 640XP which seems a bit fairer. Also easy enough to back date this since elevation is tracked historically.

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I don’t think this will happen since when riding up inclines of 3% and over you already get an increase in Drops.

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Yes, true but as has been made clear Drops and XP are different things entirely. You also get drops on flat roads. We can hope :slight_smile: I guess going for the Tron bike makes this less of an issue but what happens after you complete that challenge?

Drops don’t seem as valuable, not to me at least, I’d rather level up faster so I can actually use my drops for something.

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I agree that both drops and XP are different. I also agree that my first 6 months of Zwift was used for climbing to get that coveted Tron bike and that is why I’m only a level 28. Yes, it was my choice to go for the coolest bike on the Island of Watopia. I do like the XP bonus idea exactly for @Jeff_Hinds_758151 reasoning and explanation, but I’d make it an even 50 XP per 100m of climbing to keep things round numbers. This would definitely have helped me in the early levels before the potential Alpe Wheel of Prizes also.

So how do we actually propose this to Zwift? Does it need to be a better-baked idea or do y’all think this is enough??