Alpe du zwift thoughts

After riding alpe du zwift a few times now I have a couple of little suggestions, on the left colum that shows previous best turn times at each turn how about a green up arrow showing you were ahead of your previous best and a red down arrow showing you were behind your best, this would really help push me in and also gauge if I’m up or down on my best time.
Something else I have always thought about, I love love climbing always head for the hills on zwift, but being a climber it takes much longer to get the miles in and xp’s as it’s slower progress than on the flat, how about accelerated xp’s when climbing ?
I also recently raced up the alpe and loved that very much, it crossed my mind that in a race situation how about xp’s For passing competitors? This would be a real motivator!
Just my thoughts, you guys are doing an amazing job!!!
Ride on!
Brendan Foley :+1:t2:

Yes that would be great! Vote here:


My solution for getting about the same amount of XPs as on a flat ride - workout mode. You get about 10XP/Minute, so if you ride one hour up, you get ~600XP, plus additional 250XP if you get an Item which you already got. So 850XP/hour. This is about the same as riding flat 42km.
But when going downhill workout mode slows down the XP gains as you are pretty fast then.

I think you still get your mileage experience while doing a workout, in addition to the workout star experience, so you come out ahead on the downhill as well as the uphill.

Markus, what you mean by “if you get an Item which you already got”?

Each time you climb the Alpe du Zwift you win something, Either Gloves, a Helmet or Wheels. If the fortune wheel gives you an item, which you already have, you get 250XP instead.

Ok, cool. I did Alpe du Zwift in the spring last time. Then it did not have this wheel of fortune. Should try it again now.