Add climbing XP

Since the mountain route is out many of us are now doing less miles but we’re spending more time climbing. My suggestion is that you give XP for ascent too, e.g. every 100ft or 30metres.

Really like the mountain rides and find that they are motivating me to stay on the bike longer (to take full advantage of the extended downhill runs!).

But I agree that, in general, I’m getting fewer XP points for riding quite a bit longer.

Not really a Big Deal but it introduces a new “tension” – do want to ride the course I like the most (mountains) or the (flat) course that gives me the most points to level up!!! 

Hi guys, 

Thanks a lot for your great suggestions, I’ll add them on the request list and will see if other people will vote it up. 

In meantime stay tuned and Ride On!

Totally agree with this one! 


Aha! I came here to request the same thing. Obviously I’m a low slower up the Epic KOM than on the flat, so in terms of XP per hour it’s much lower. It feels a bit unrewarding for the amount of effort I’m putting in.

Would be nice to have +20 for every km ridden and every 100m climbed or something.

On the level’s bar, we should get points on both the climbing and miles. I do more climbing then the miles ridden. Seems to take forever to move up in points.

I agree with Mark Hewitt on this.

I just this year started to look at my xp because of the level requirement to open the new course. Until that I took it for granted that you aquired xp for climbing…

For me it’s almost a dealbreaker that xp is only calcutated as a function of distance ridden. It takes some of the fun away from doing hilly courses, because my xp bar is ticking much slower even though I’m putting out just as many watts as when riding a flat route.


Just logged in to read Henrik’s comment and was amused to see that this thread is marked “Answered”

I guess the Zwift definition of “Answered” is different to the OED.

Thread began a year and a half ago.

Hey Siri, what’s changed…

Not only should XP be added to climbing, we should have more climbing based achievements and unlockables. Once Everest and Tron bike are done, there isn’t anything else to climb for.

+1 for this. I’m sure it’s more complex than just 20 xp per 100M but definitely feels unbalanced ignoring vertical effort. 

"Thanks a lot for your great suggestions, I’ll add them on the request list and will see if other people will vote it up. "

Is this some public “request list” that we’re supposed to be upvoting or an internal request list?  Why is this marked Answered?

For now, my workaround is to turn around on climbs when I start my workout cool-down, then at least I’m soft pedalling but racking up km’s going downhill.  This doesn’t really work if you happen to end your workout on the plateau on top of the mountain though.

from my FB post:

Would be good if there was a multiplier effect so for every 200 meters climbed your XP gets a x2, x3 for every subsequent km/mi etc…


An addition, maybe cap i at x6 to make sure people don’t burn through the levels, but also maybe adding more the 25 levels need to be on the agenda seeing as a lot of people are now topped out.

I’m a slow climber so it would be nice to get XP for elevation gain especially on rides like the epic KOM

This shows up as (Answered), is one of the most voted requests, what does answered mean exactly? I’m afraid that this request marked as answered could mean that the devs are not going to get notified about it anymore.

Hope this gets implemented, I did the largest watopia mountains just to see my XP almost on the same place, now I’m just doing the flats which are getting boring, just to get to level 10 to open a new area, as soon as I’m done with the unlocking I’m going back to the mountains.

This is definitely more on point now that Alpe d’ Zwift is locked behind a level barrier.  So if you climb a lot, you have to work way harder to access the best climb than the people who don’t climb a lot.


I think people over estimate the amount of xp points you get riding the flat roads vs the climbs. I just looked at two rides I did one was over all the classic climbs in Watopia (Epic Kom and Reverse Kom)  and the other was the volcano flat, both was done at high intensity.

Hilly  =    distance 38km  time 1:15:00  elevation 610m      760XP

Flat =     distance  41km   time  1:05:00  elevation  166m       820XP

So for the hilly course I rode 10min more and got 3km (60XP points less)

I am not a fast climber. :frowning:

Another vote in favor of changing how XP is earned. Either that or make it so that things that are unlocked by XP level are instead unlocked by time or some other measure.