Workout experience points

So I’ve done mostly work outs in Zwift but only recently started to look at the experience gained for each block you complete. Today I did the GCN workout “VO2max”. This consist of intervals at 3,9w/kg (290watt for me) for 3 minutes, then 2,2w/kg (165watt for me) for 4 minutes. The 3 minute interval gave 32xp while the 4 minute rest time gave 43 xp. I thought the 3 minute interval was the hardest, so I asked my legs but they said shut up.

Similarly, I’ve also done the GCN workout Finish Focus. This is a 5 minute interval at 4w/kg (300w) for 1:40, 3,7w/kg (280w) for 2:20 and 3,4w/kg (260w) for 1:20. Average for 5 minutes is something like 285w. This interval gave 30xp.

So my question is, are there other factors than watt alone that come into play when doing workouts? Do speed or distance covered matter? In that case the experience should vary greatly when climbing the mountain compared to descending, but I can’t see any difference. 

If it matters, I’m 75 kg and 176cm.

If I am not mistaken, XP in Zwift is done compeltely by distance traveled.  

When youa re working out, you are in ERG mode, and power will be constantly monitored and be kept consistent regardless of terrain. Having said that, SPEED is goverend by how much power you are putting out.

If you are doing a workout at say 200 watts and go up a steep hill, your game speed will be slower than if you are on a flat course.  For more XP, do workouts on the flats as you will cover more distance.

If I am incorrect, I will gladly accept the correction.


I think I just noticed something similar but don’t know if its a new feature or not. Maybe I just never noticed it before. Last few days I’ve noted getting more than the standard 30pts/mile when completing portions of a workout. Swore I even saw up to 52pts when completing one interval. I don’t know if this is a thing or not but “appeared” that the closer to the suggested power for when completing it got you more points. In other-words, if the interval said 265watts and you crossed the line on that interval at 267watts you got a “perfect” and then get 40-50pts for it. I still need to experiment with this a bit but sure seems like there is a point reward for following the workout wattage closely.