What is the fastest way to gain Experience Points

I wonder what is the fastest way to gain another level especially close to level 50.
Currently i see only 2 ways in fast leveling:

  1. riding a workout + unachieved route badge, polarising around FTP threshold on a TT bike mostly uphills
  2. Group Ride and/or Race

any other tactics?

Complete routes for badges and ride long flat routes to gain the most distance you can to level up. For drops to spend the in the shop ride up lots of climbs and give out lots of ride ons so that you may get some in return.

  1. route badges
  2. Alpe du Zwift as workout (bonus at end 250/1000exp), especially if you can do this in around 1 hour or faster
  3. free ride on TT bike on flat routes
  4. group rides

Also, be sure to use metric measurements, instead of Imperial, as you will gain XP slightly faster.

use bots - worked out fine for Cam Jeffers… oh wait a minute


I’m currently experimenting with TT bike, workout mode on and maximum height meters route badges. The best strategy for now at least for me. … for the big ones on watopia its easy to get 1000 EXP and even more on top of your ride - based on km and/or workout EXP reward.

As far as i can see your distance travelled is not rewarded with experience when doing workouts instead you get around ~11.2 pts for 1 minute. So for a 5 minute block (set by default) it’s approx. 56 pts.
Right? Someone here who knows the excat behavior for getting EXP?

If you can do Alpe du Zwift uphill as workout in hour you will get:

  • 922 exp (15,37 exp per min if at end of hill spin wheel land on gloves or helmet)
  • 1672 exp (27,87 exp per min if at end of hill spin wheel land at wheels)
    and fast 260 exp on downhill in 13 min as free ride :grin:

Nice! :ride_on:
So doing IV Blocks is the way to go combined with uphill riding then?!


“Intervals” are essentially a pair of Zone Blocks, with each block able to be set to a particular wattage and time. This pair of blocks is then repeated two or more times, as dictated by the workout.

Intervals reward you a set amount of XP based on the total time of the interval block: 12XP per minute, regardless of interval wattage.

How much less do I get if I finish the climb just above one hour?

1 Route badges basically give you double the XP for riding the route.

2.Watch for some Tour rides because they occasionally have double point rides.

  1. I find the work outs to be misleading for many.
    Workouts give you 10 points per minute.
    If you are riding 20 mph, then you get the same.
    I only do workouts going up big climbs when my speed is below 12-15 mph.
    If your speed is above 20 mph,you lose points in a workout compared to free ride.
    I don’t descend in a workout.
    The Alpe is nice because you get points for subsequent prizes (wheels at least) and a free 210 pts just coasting back down.
  2. Complete as many achievement badges as possible.
  3. Ride a lot.
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Ride the Alpe in conunction with an IV block training and get additional XP en top.

The workouts up the alpe are good if you can do it in 60-90 minutes. I use the keyboard to skip ahead so that I finish the workout near the top and then I either ride down for a cooldown and get easy 250xp, or I just let the avatar coast down while I wrap up my ride. I made a custom workout that was all 55 or 62 second interval blocks and was getting close 12xp a minute doing that, doesn’t matter what wattage they are, you can even do long zone 1 or zone 2 workouts up the alpe if you make a custom one. I once took over 2 hours doing that and it was boring but it’s a good XP haul, and if you need drops you’ll make a lot doing this, plus you get a chance at the lightweight wheels, which afterward if you land on that you get a 1000xp bonus.

Another good way is to ride with coco cadence, usually I end up 38-40km/h doing that so 740-800 xp an hour for that. If Paris is the guest world you can hop on a TT bike and do laps there, it’s 2 banners every lap so +20xp and 140 regular xp. It’s better than a workout if you can average 33km/h I think. You can also manually navigate a loop through the Italian Villas in Watopia now and hit that sprint banner ever ~2km so another great spot to do laps. I haven’t done a full hour yet to see how much XP that one gets but if you don’t need to get elevation for the everest challenge the TT bike is a good way to go, especially if workouts aren’t your thing.

I thought I would give that a crack since I had a unexciting recovery ride to do today. You have to be on your game to hit the turns in a timely manner to stay on the loop, but good call. So in the interests of science, I tried using those banners for another trick - go through the last banner (which ever way you are going) and hit a u-turn approx 450-500 meters after the banner and collect the bonus XP. Then hit the u-turn again ~500 meters after that previous banner and collect another bonus XP. If you do it right, you should be getting ~30xp per km instead of 20. I’ve done it on Tempus Fugit sprint banners too but got bored after the 2nd attempt trying to find the minimum u-turn distance.

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yeah pace bots are great for that
racing would be king then?

Racing is good for XP too especially if you can do a lot of it.

Does the TT bike gain XP faster than other bikes?

Yes @Gru

TT bikes don’t get power-ups so every time you pass a KOM, sprint or Lap banner you get 10 XP instead of a Power-up

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This is what I did to get up to level 50!