XP Pace partners VS workout


I’m almost done with all the route badges.
After the route badges i Will go for the tron bike (only 30 procent left).
I was wonder what is the fastest way to level up after the route badges.

When i join Pace partners i can ride at An AVG speed of 40km/h.
Or Will workouts level me Faster than the Pace partners?

Regards and thanks for the feedback


Workouts if you structure a custom workout correctly. For hints on how to do this …

Edit: while chasing XP as quickly as possible seems fun, you will soon hit the lvl 50 limit, so I wouldn’t bother with game hacks to shortcut achieving them, just enjoy your rides and you’ll be there before you know it.

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I’m approaching my 4 year Zwiftaversary and just got to level 48, I might hit 50 by the end of the year. Obviously, this is completely dependent on the user and how much time they have to train, but levels stopped having any sort of meaning or motivation a long time ago for me.

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