Higher Levels

I’ve just noticed that someone I ride with is well along on level 52 me, I’ve just started level 51.
How is it that when I compare the scores on the doors, I have ridden a lot further than them, spent a lot longer in the saddle and climbed so much more too.
What is it that could have accelerated them so much faster?
Is it the difference in the riding, courses, events …FTP?

There are a few things that give extra xp like completing route badges or double xp events in tour of watopia.

hard to judge without seeing the numbers but if it’s relatively close it could be such things that has pushed your friend higher.

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I think you will find that your friend has ridden more miles/KM since Zwift introduced the new levels 51-60

Also keep in mind that climbing has no effect in XP, only Drops.

You could also get the wheels on ADZ, I got them on the weekend (about 15th time) and got 2000XP.

That’s another way to get more XP.

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Friend spends lots of time on a TT bike? If you ride a TT bike, you always get the +10 XP power-up (I think you can get +250 XP too). That could add up if you do long rides on routes with lots of power-ups.