Flat or hilly route while doing a workout?

When doing a Zwift workout should i use a flat route or hilly route or doesn’t it matter? Will one count more towards experience and levelling up?

Hey Carl - I used hilly routes to help my climbing stats. Once I got to level 12, I did all my workouts on Alpe de Zwift so It helped get the tron bike sooner, and, if I felt like doing a bit more, it was approx 30mins to finish the climb (and once I am close to finishing, chances are fairly high that I would finish rather than give up!). Unsure of other tactics people might employ.

Oh, and you get more drops on climbs as well.

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Thanks for response. Obviously using erg mode in workouts makes no difference in the feel of the climbs as just putting out the required power for that part of the workout. Just wasn’t sure if you levelled quicker doing more miles or more elevation gain. There is also the big targets you can pick like climbing everest, etc. Unsure of this would count towards those

I will add i’m trying to get to the level to unlock alpe de zwift as that could be fun!!!

Have a read of this which explain leveling up.

If Tron is your target, then that is achieved with your Everest challenge which is all about climbing. To get to level 12 (to unlock the climb for the Alpe de zwift), then I think a flat course will get you there quickest.

L12 was my first target and really didnt take too long (I was in winter which helped). Getting the Tron bike (Everest) was next target and I certainly targeted races, group rides and training all around hills to help - end result is that I probably got a little fitter quicker because of the focus on hills!

Oh, and the flattest Zwift course (meaning you will go fastest and therefore clock up greatest distance quickest) is https://zwiftinsider.com/tempus-fugit/

Excellent. Thanks for the response. Level 12 is my first target so will go with flat route you suggested.

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In workouts XP are awarded for completing the blocks of the workout, not distance. So a flat route will be no more advantageous to climbing to your levelling up, so just do the route you want to do (like Dean, I’m working toward the Tron bike so pick a climbing route - and when I was on the California/Italy challenges it was all about flat routes).

In free ride (and races) it’s XP per km/mile, so a flatter route will get you more.

Thanks for confirming that. Thought it might be the case. I will check to see what my main target is. I think it could be everest but will check

After a workout keep riding to the next mile or KM. You get 30 XP points for that.

Plug in a training session and climb Alpe du Zwift during the session (assuming about an hour / 90 workout will get you almost to the top). That way you get the XP for completing the training blocks on the way up (and the elevation towards everest / tron bike) and then can freewheel or lightly pedal down for the cool off picking up the XP’s for kms ridden. This is my plan anyway! Can get off and stretch / do the laundry while the bike rides itself down :slight_smile: If you want drop points on the way down then you need to turn the cranks at least. At the top of the Alp there is also the chance to get something good on the wheel spin - so far I have only managed to get some gloves