Alpe and Workout

Is there any benefit to doing a workout of the Aple?

Once you hit the climb, it’s likely to be steady uphill for the duration for the workout (I know I prefer flat or uphill vs downhill for workouts, visually). You’re accumulating vertical meters (toward the Tron bike, if you’ve selected the everesting challenge). Depending on the workout and your power output, you’re going to end up at, or close to the top of the climb, so if you continue to the top, it’s a good
way to spin the prize wheel more times than you otherwise would—and maybe eventually you’re going to hit 25x up the Alpe (and become a genuine mas0chist). FWIW, I pretty much do all interval workouts up the Alpe.

When you’re done with the workout, you can soft-pedal back down for easy XP and Drops, if you’re so inclined.

if you’re so inclined.

Or if you’re not feeling up to it, you can just decline. (Couldn’t resist.)

You will most likely get more XP doing a workout up the alp vs. 20 per km or 30 per mile.

I figured it was a way to get the tron bike without actually doing the climbing. Also more XP at the top.