Starting from zero on pursuit of tron bike?

Hi. I’ve been riding for a while and have accumulated 35000 meters climbed. Now I’m wondering if this will all be for nothing going for the tron bike. Do I start from zero when going for that bike? Or do the 35000 meters count? I’ve just started the Everest challenge and that counter is at zero.

Only the meters climbed while having the Everest Challenge select count toward the challenge/Tron bike.

oh, that is too bad!

n00b tax

Welcome to the Forums, Martin.
It probably feels horrible to get this bad news at this point — many of us will feel your pain —- but I’ve seen people post the same question at past 50k metres. Consider yourself slightly less unfortunate than them.

Just forget about the challenge now, while accumulating some vertical metres every time you ride. It’s amazing how quickly you can get to 50k metres through riding regularly, especially if you make sure to select routes with plenty of altitude changes. The tron bike remains a very good bike to have at your disposal, and when you do unlock it, you’ll savour the moment all the more.

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A nice tip while going for the Tron bike is to use a workout while riding slowly uphill, because you’ll get XP with each completed interval. XP is usually given to you based on distance, so doing a workout uphill will get you more than not using the workout. I used to do 10 minute blocks of a certain wattage in my endurance zone and you get 108 XP every 10 minutes.

NYC map is good choice lots climbing with no major long climbs except some of the glass sky road sections and still get plenty of distance XP in free mode.

Do all your workouts on the alp or Mt V for max altitude gain at the sacrifice of distance. I found this the quickest way to gain the Tron bike.

All of the above. I spent January (after Festive 500 was done) climbing the Alp over and again. Use workout and you a) can still do whatever power/cadence you want, ignoring the gradient and b) get XP much quicker than free riding on the Alp where KM’s tick over slowly.