Hi. I’ve been racking up some climbing recently to get to 50,000 m and a nice Tron bike. Having got to 50k this morning I think I should have entered the Everest Challenge a while ago. Does this mean I’m going to have to do another c9k of climbing to get a Tron bike? Many thanks



Oh. Oh no. I’m so sorry.

I even added this as a warning in the Resource Wiki, right at the top:

TL;DR: No, unless the challenge is selected, altitude climbed does NOT count toward the challenge, much like distance toward other challenges won’t credit while those challenges aren’t selected.

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After you’ve started a ride, bring up the game menu and select Challenges. Pick Everest Challenge if it’s not already selected. It will show your progress. At 50000m the Concept Z1 bike should appear in the garage.

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Yeah - I didn’t realise that Zwift seemed to have automatically enrolled me in the California challenge. It was only when that completed that I entered the Everest challenge. Still, at least I got a nice Specialized out of it.

Zwift should probably just default people into the Everest challenge since it’s the only challenge with an unlock that is useful.


I don’t know why they don’t put the Tron bike at some extra ridiculous amount after the end of any of the challenges. Finish Cali, then tack on another X kms to unlock the Tron.

To be clear, I don’t care about the Tron and wish there were fewer of them on my screen. But I’m completing that challenge to get one just because it’s a challenge. 73% of the way towards a bike I’ll likely never ride. That said…why not update the other challenges? Or do a slightly revamped skin of the Tron that you can only get for doing the ‘extra California’?

Or…with as much sense as it makes to give the Tron bike for a climbing challenge, make the California super challenge a Tron MTB. Make Italy a Tron Gravel Bike.


Vote it up. I mean I’m sure they know this is desired but… More Challenges

I have, and posted a suggestion there too. But that thread is such a broad collection of challenges, I don’t honestly know what I voted for anymore. ‘More Challenges’ sure, but some of the ones suggested there are strange :slight_smile:

On the bright side, you’re already half way there!!:blush:

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i love my tron bike because i can change the color to match my socks

…now we just need some socks and solid colour kit both with a colour slider @James_Zwift :wink::grin:

It’s all about the important things :wink::grin:


If the minimum requirement to get a Tron is 50,000m including the Everest Challenge it really shouldn’t matter if the challenge is done first or last.

I think what the OP is trying to point out is that the 50,000m only starts counting once you have enrolled on the Everest Challenge and also stay on the challenge.

If you want the Tron bike sooner rather than later make the Everest Challenge your first challenge.

I completely understand, I just don’t agree with it, lol. I’m in exactly the same situation and at 71yrs it will take me a while to amass another 40,000m or so :grinning:

Age is only a number as is 40,000.

Looks like it will take you around 24 days if you keep at the rate of your last 6 days/10,000m !!

Ride On - upwards in the short term. :biking_man::mountain_snow:

Well I can’t keep that up but I’m hoping to get through it in a couple of months. Legs are already complaining but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger :grinning:

Take care!

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After I unlocked better bikes and wheel sets,… I rarely use my Tron bike