Everest Challenge

I might be missing something because zwift is not very intuitive when it comes to GUI design. I keep on reading that there is an everest challenge that I need to subscribe to in order to get the Tron. In all the years of zwifting I could never find this challenge. Can somebody please explain to me how to get to this hidden option.

Here is a helpful link: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/selecting-a-challenge-HJxhsIONB

Or this one: https://zwift.com/news/5002-zwift-how-to-selecting-a-challenge


Hi @Anton_Oosthuizen_ZHR, the challenges are found in the main menu when riding in any world. Click on the menu button, bottom left of the screen. Once in the menu there will be a large picture to the immediate left of the orange achievement badge menu icon. I think it defaults to Italy or California. Click on the picture and on the bottom there is an option to choose a different challenge. Click there and choose Everest. Keep climbing well past the summit to get the tron bike.


Great thanks @Mike_Rowe_PBR I found it. As I was saying the zwift GUI is super crap because there is zero indication that this blurry pic (I assume the blur signifies something) is clickable. No mouseover hint, no pointer change, nada. I’m not in the habit on clicking on every single graphic element on a screen to see where it goes. Well at least now after 170k of climbing I can start the everest challenge :wink:

@Paul_Allen The zwift ‘support’ article is out of date because it does not say “SELECT A CHALLENGE” but rather it is just an image where the user must smell that you need to click it.


FYI, only the climbing done while the Everest Challenge is selected counts.

That is just and illustration on where you should click, it was never a white block with writing in.

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@Paul_Allen …or this GPLama youtube video from a couple years back.

@Anton_Oosthuizen_ZHR Shame you can’t transfer 50k worth of your accumulated climbing over to the challenge, but it looks like you’re on the bike enough that in no time you’ll have completed another 50k and have the concept bike.

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It’s disappointing that you can’t see or change the status of challenges in the companion app too. It takes quite a few steps within game to see it, and it seems like the kind of information that would be useful to see outside of the game. Mildly annoying having to log in and sit on the side of the road just to see challenges, garage content, etc.


The companion app is a great idea, but there is so much more they could do with it.


Yip hindsight is 20/20 but like I say I’m not the kind of person who just wildly click on things to see what happens. Even the image they use does not vaguely represent a ‘challenge’ and please read the text which says the following: "Look for and click SELECT A CHALLENGE to open a new window. ". It does not say “click the image”. But that is all moot because I did not and would not have scoured the internet trying to find out how to do it because there is supposedly somewhere a place where you can select a challenge so the logical human will look for something that represents ‘CHALLENGE’ i.e. a word or picture. Why is there always people who defend the crap UI design that zwift push onto their paying users. Would you be happy to just accept MS word if they used obscure little picture with no hint/mouseover as their options? BTW that is a product that you pay way less for over time that you do for zwift.

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Thanks @xavier_nihilo, I doubt that I will actually use the tron bike , I was basically just very curious as to why I could not find this magical challenge that people always spoke about during rides when asked how they got the bike.

@Matt_Slava I cannot think that I have ever in my almost 60 years on earth (yes I remember times without PCs :wink: ) used an application with a GUI as bad as this. And these are just basic GUI 101 stuff. Why on earth would you want your user to exit every time just to go to another route, or to save and continue on where you are? Why would you hide the setting menu inside the application where you need to start using it before you can access it? We are talking about reusing what is already there, somewhere we load a world and we load a course, why not just go there without exiting? Rhetorical question because it is just a ■■■■ design from the ground up.

I’m a software developer, and I totally agree that the UI on this app sucks. But I guarantee that the dev team already know this, and probably moan about it as much as the users. Software has a habit of growing more unmaintainable over time, if you’re not careful. It tends to get features added that weren’t initially thought of, and well, nobody has a crystal ball, so wrong design decisions get made. It can be difficult and time consuming to refactor applications with a large code base.
And most managers absolutely do not want to hear the word ‘re-architecture’.