Entered into Zwift and clicked on menu. I navigated to and chose the Everest challenge. An image of Everest appeared and seemed to have been chosen. I failed to find a way to proceed and ride the challenge. Suggestions???

All you need to do is ride and gain elevation. Any elevation on any route add to your total. When you reach the top don’t look back and keep going to unlock the Tron bike.

Found that doing workouts on steep roads was the quickest way to achieve the Tron bike and in turn complete the Everest challange.

Thats good to know, it’s one ■■■■ of a ride and then to find your not going get the achievement the badge. Thats why i’ve been holding off, oh time to smash it it then… come on legs !

Done it three times in the last two weeks and everything worked as advertised. Hope to fit in a couple of trips this week. Do it in workout mode for even bigger gains. Oh, be sure and ride down as well. Never stop at the top of a hill and always leave with an even number of KILOMETERS for distance.

George Hincapie said you getore bang for the buck doing hills.