How to get tron

How do you earn tron bike?

Select the Everest challenge and climb 50,000m.


Thanks… I thought it was for century rides?

Nope. It’s for climbing. See


In one ride? Or accumulated

Accumulated. You wouldn’t see so many of them, if it was one ride!


If you want to get it quickly, my advice is to select the Jungle Circuit and immediately make a u-turn as you start the ride. Go most of the way up to the Epic KOM banner, but take the right turn to the radio tower. If you come back down the same way you went up, you can get around 600m of climbing in under an hour. (It will take around 84 trips to get the Tron bike.)

To maximize your XP, do a workout on the way up (but not on the way down).

That’s how I did it- Radio Tower repeats and repeat and repeat.
It took about 4 1/2 months but I only ride 3-4 times a week.
I wonder if the Alpe might be the way to go now.
You can do a workout on the way up and coast down to get Z Points plus the bonus from the wheel.
At the top, I would jump into the settings and switch to another challenge - Tour of California or Italy- and add a few miles toward that challenge.

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So I hit 50,000+ meters yesterday, but the tron bike has not unlocked. Thoughts?

Have you climbed all of those 50K meters with the Everest Challenge selected? If so, are you sure it isn’t in your garage? Keep in mind that it’s actually called the Zwift Z1 Concept. I’ve seen more than one person tripped up by this.


@M_Michaels did you have the “Everest Challenge” selected for the whole time period you climbed those 50,000 M? The elevation only counts if the Everest Challenge is the active challenge when you gained that elevation.

Edit: Nigel beat me to it

Might be a dumb question. Where can I find the challenges to see what I have selected? I can’t find it for some reason.


Here is a link for you: