The Tron Bike

I have over 50,000 mt. climbing miles and I can’t not get this bike. Please help

Keep going.  You need an additional 41,150 meters of climbing.

You also need at the climbing to be done while doing the Everest challenge.

Where is the Everest challenge? I cant find it. =(

It’s too bad because this bike is wonderful.

When you log on to ride click on Menu.  To the right of your 5 sec, 1, 5 and 20 minute stats you should see a box. Click there with your mouse,  For me I see the Everest Challenge.  There is also, in small text, in the lower left of that screen Select another Challenge to change your current challenge.

It worked.  Thanks Ray!  =)

Ride on…

In order to get the Tron Bike, do you have to compete the Everest Challenge plus the extra 50,000m within 24 hours? Or can you do it over multiple days?



You do the Everest Challenge the 50,000m in multiples days.


I made it to the 50k of climbing. But not while doing the everest challenge. I didn’t know… Do have to do al the 50k again for the tron bike? :cry:




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Mr.Peters , I made the same mistake you did. I had to start all over again, you would think that they would combine all three challenges together, just as long you have the 50k. But that’s not happening.