Completed everest challenge, no tron bike awarded

I have completed the Everest Challenge, 50,000 meters of climbing, and I did not get Tron Bike. Is this no longer available?

Can you post a screen shot of the completed challenge.

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It’s possible you’ve climbed 50,000m in Zwift according to your profile, but didn’t have the Everest Challenge itself actually selected for all of it.


Completing the Everest Challenge does not require 50,000m of climbing. The Everest Challenge is completed at 8,850m. At the completion f the Everest Challenge (8850m) you get the Trek Emonda (?). If you leave the the Challenge selected and continue to 50,000m, then you will get the Tron bike!

So did you complete the Everest Challenge and continue climbing another 41,150m OR only complete the Everest Challenge?

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If this is the case, I feel for this guy.

I have a similar issue. I was at around 90% of the 50.000m, but Zwift updated today (Windows) and ALL challanges went to 100% completion, even though I didnt finish climbing and Italy. And furthermore I didnt get the two bikes :smiley:

So maybe the update made this mistake? I will open a ticket for this with support…

Seems likely.


As I just posted above, it might be that you haven’t completed the challenge at all, and it’s this bug:


Sorry, it was rounding error. It said 100%, but was 99.999999999%. I am now owner of Tron Bike!


Woohoo! Congratulations! :smiley:

Hi. I haves completed the Everest challenge, took the Émonda bike at 99% completion then it showed that I i did only 17% of Challenge. I then continued cycling to finish challenge and did not get the Tron bike. Can this be fixed please?


The counter in your second screen shot has to reach 50000 to claim the Tron bike. Keep the challenge selected and climb another 41000 meters.

Yep, keep climbing

So why did it say that I had reached 99% of the goal and then , when I reached the summit, It told me I was at 17%?

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The Everest Challenge is 2 parts, climb the height of Everest and climb 50,000 feet.

Yes…prepare for a long climb ride.

Gotcha! Thanks

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So, my progress seems to be stalled at 164042 ft (Which is the 50,000m point, but says I’m 26% complete, and no TRON bike.

I took this screen shot after a prior workout, and after todays 15mile ride it shows the same “progress”

Any ideas what I need to do to get past this.

As an additional note, I’ve completed the other other 2 unlocked challenges, and (because I’ve not “completed” this one???) there are no unlocked challenges to join.

You are looking at it wrong. You have completed 43,807 feet of a 164,042 feet need to complete the Everest Challenge.

You will be award the Tron after completing the full 164,042 feet or 50,000 meters.

Make sure you have the Everest Challenge selected.

Keep climbing, it is a long journey.