Tron bike 2020/2021

I am new to Zwift and only on level 4 currently. Can I start the challenge to unlock the Tron bike at all? If so where do I find challenges please?

Many thanks

Sure, you just pick the Everest challenge and keep going. For a long time :wink: Every meter of climbing counts so the most effective way of getting is on the steep mountains. Not sure if that will be so much fun, you will get it sooner or later anyway if you just keep riding

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The first think you need to do is select the Everest challenge. You can do this mid ride by going to the menu and selecting from the challenges (top right of the menu area I think) once you have completed the Everest element (8800m or so) it will then automatically turn the challenge into getting to 50,000m. Once you’ve done this the Tron bike is yours.

Hope that helps


IRRC, you must be level 12 and above to take “ALPE DU ZWIFT” route.

Additional details regarding “Climb Mt. Everest” challenge, here.

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It’s now level 6 to free ride the Alpe (Road to Sky route). They lowered it at the start of all the lockdowns.


To get maximum climbing,do all workouts on the steepest route you can find. As your doing a workout distance isn’t important but you will gain extra altitude towards the torn bike.

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It’s a long haul, took me about 1.5 years to get the tron. But I just rode as I wanted to rather than doing alpe repeats…


If you can’t get into the Jungle gate or thru the Alpe gate, you can spawn at the Road to Sky but instead of going toward the Jungle, keep going up the KOM to the Radio Tower and do Radio :tokyo_tower::tokyo_tower: hill repeats.

In London, going up and down Fox Hill and Box hill is quick to.

You want to select a hill close to a spawn point so you don’t waste time riding on the flats.

The Volcano is an option too.

Climbing used to be a lonely pursuit but now days, there are always people one the mountains.

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Thank you everyone, very helpful :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to ride back down for the free XP. The fist time I rode up the Alpe I was so exhausted I forgot to do this.

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I did Von Top today and noticed my All Time Elevation hadn’t increased by 1550m, it started at 45127m and finished on the same elevation. Ride has been uploaded to Strava and it’s also on Zwift. I went and then added up all the vertical of all the rides and there is about 2200m missing.

Slightly annoying as the plan was to get the Tron via a 3 * Alp ascent before the end of the year.

Is Z likely to sort itself out? When I ended the ride I pressed save and upload which it did.