Challenge completion strategies

Yesterday I completed the Everest challenge and was rewarded with tron bike.

On my profile page the challenge is showing as 100% complete, but it hasn’t cleared. The options I have are to select another challenge or to leave it in current state. I am worried that selecting another challenge might void the hard work I have done over last 18 months to climb everests.

Does anyone know if zwift challenges automatically shut down on completion of do you have to exit at the end by choosing the select other challenge option?

Well done on achieving the Everest challenge. I believe you can either leave it open and nothing happens. Or close and select another challenge.


Thanks shaun. Just have horrible paranoia that it will wipe it and I have to start again . Hopefully @shooj or one of the other zwift team can confirm.

@Wattwell you can switch between the different challenges as needed without erasing your progress. Plenty of Zwifters will go between the Everest challenge while on hilly routes and Italy or California when on flat routes.

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Everest Challenge on the way up, tour of California for the coast down.

You can switch challenges in the middle of a ride.

If you do a workout on the way up, you can get 2-3 X the XP per mile.
You can lower the FTP slider so your exercise intervals are easier.
Don’t stop at the top.
Go down hill and get the easy XP points and miles.

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