Climb Mt. Everest Challenge completed... again?

This popped up while I was riding in the ToW yesterday. Thing is, I completed the Everest challenge and got my Tron bike last year - couldn’t have been later than June. I can’t find it now but I remember there was another thread about this where someone was getting emails about completing the Everest challenge long after they’d actually completed it. I didn’t get any emails, but I may have opted out of those.

If it helps, I completed the Everest challenge and got the Tron bike last year. After that, I switched over to the Italy challenge and completed it. Maybe a month or 2 ago, I switched back to the Everest challenge for no particular reason. I’m thinking my Everest challenge elevation counter got reset and the game thinks I just completed it again.

No big deal, doesn’t affect my Zwift experience negatively, just thought I’d bring it up since someone else was having a similar issue. (Mods feel free to merge this thread with the other one if you can find it.)

This just happened to me. Same scenario.