Zwift Concept Z1 Tron Bike v2.0?

Does anyone know if Zwift are updating the Tron bike? Maybe more animations to show out of saddle and drinking etc?

I got my Tron back in June 2019, but while riding my Tron today, a banner came up “You have completed the Climb Mt. Everest Challenge” - Weird, as I have 292,000m climbing.

Then Zwift sent me an email “New bike day: the Zwift Concept Z1!”

I’d assume it’s a bug. IIRC I had a similar completion banner repeat last year, although I can’t recall which it was. The email is probably triggered by the completion.

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As Daren says, it’s almost certainly a bug… but a little bit of me wants to believe that something big is in the works and that you somehow triggered whatever was being tested.

It’s all wild speculation, of course, but just two days ago, James posted this juicy tidbit:

In Zwift-speak, a challenge means something specific. And there are only three existing challenges so far, of which one is of course “Climb Mt. Everest”. :face_with_monocle:


Ah, nice @Roule_Thoune I hadn’t seen that.

Well, here’s hoping we finally get that 4th Challenge! :rofl:


would the 4th challenge really just be a repeat of an existing one? missed opportunity to do something cool and different…

Here’s Tron bike 2.0:


No, surely not, Mike. That would indeed be weird.
I’m imagining that during development of a challenge they just insert existing info (like for the Climb Mt. Everest one) to set it up, then, close to go-time they replace the various lines and graphic elements with the new item, to avoid leaking stuff before time.
What with the Tron having been downgraded somewhat in its in-game capabilities since its initial release, it’s imaginable that they would now come up with a Tron-killer requiring even more effort.
But hey, this could all be baseless dreaming on a dull Friday afternoon. :wink:

And @Steve_Hammatt ‘s right. It would be a natural tie-in to launch a new in-game challenge with the new hardware. Buuuuuut, unless the hardware is ready for launch now, this puts James’ “in the very near future” into question. Or does “in the very near future” also translate as “Zoon”? So many questions…

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Pretty sure it’s the 2022 edition of this: Mount Fuji Hill Climb Dojo Series 2021 | Zwift Insider.

(Silent crying to fill the minimum character requirement)

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I personally think it is the Rapha Rising “challenge”…


Either or. :+1:

I don’t think its a bug and if you read the email its so you can claim an Instagram image using the code and posted to your own instagram.

Why anyone would want to post that to there instagram I cant say but Im not interested.

Why would the contents of the email make any difference to the idea its sending was triggered by a bugged completion?

It’s possible the repeated completion notice wasn’t a bug, but when someone’s already got the item it’s notifying about it seems likely. As I said, I’ve had it happen to me for something I’d already completed or unlocked.

Given the number of bugs that crawl out of Zwift, it’s the simplest most plausible explanation. =)


I have received multiple notifications that I have completed the Tour California and the Tour Italy. No idea exactly what triggers them, but there is something that happens in the background that isn’t quite right.

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So you think it’s just a coincidence? Why make such assumption?

Both these things happened the same week. Seem pretty intentional.

Or are you just arguing to argue?

For me it’s a glitch. I received the tour of Italy completion notification quite recently having completed it years ago.
Many others had the same.

No, I’m saying the email was sent because the unlock was detected. One triggered the other. I’m not saying it’s a coincidence at all.

If anyone else has had that email though, I’d be interested to hear about it.

Why would I choose this topic to do that? Have a look through my posting history here, it’s not something I’m prone to doing.


You didn’t say you’d got it. Besides, it makes no difference. I’m not saying they’re not linked. I’m saying someone getting the unlock a second time is probably a bug.

I get challenge completion notices from time to time although they were completed years ago.
I go on occasionally and select a completed challenge just for the heck of it. Maybe doing so ,resets the back ground counter and when you meet the criteria for a 2nd or 3rd time, you get the notice.
I’ll switch and see if it happens.

I get them too for all three. Just random for some reason. completed them all long ago.