Everest - unlocked Emonda not Tron bike


I signed up for the Everest Challenge a while ago, last week I was at 99%.

I rode swift today and unlocked the Trek Emonda.

I checked my Everest Challenge; it shows me at 17% today and I didn’t get the Tron bike. Can you please advise?

Kind Regards.

Claire Hardy.

The good/bad news (depending on your perspective) is that everything is probably working as it ought to.

The Everest challenge will “complete” at 8000m or so and unlock the Trek Emonda; though the progress bar will then move to a 50000m climbing target, complete that and you’ll unlock the Z1 concept / Tron bike.

Good luck and happy climbing!

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Oh man!!! Ok thank you, glad I’m still on track to get the Tron bike; I’ll keep on climbing :rofl::rofl:

Hah! Idiot moment here…thought the 100% on my Everest Challenge was for the initial 8000m or so and couldn’t figure out how to keep track of the extra m climbed to work for the Tron. This was really starting to bother me so after some searching online I found the 50,000m target, then did the conversion to feet. D’oh! I’ve climbed 50,000m (164,042 ft) …BUT WHERE’S MY TRON BIKE? I thought there would be more fanfare when I earned it, but I guess I missed it. Went to my garage and there it was. Knowing the official name (Concept Z1) was key as I guess I was looking for Tron. Ugh. So many rides it would have been better on. Hope y’all have a laugh (and learn) at my expense. :rofl:

I am so happy to see that the issue have been solved. Keep suggesting such a post.

Can I check if there is any time limit to complete the 50,000m elevation? Can I slowly take my time to complete it even if it will be a year?

You can take as long as you need.

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It kinda sucks. I also was looking forward to getting the concept, not the Emonda. Only being at 17% is soul destroying, like thinking you just climbed a mountain , then realising you just climbed a tiny little hill near the base.

I too am at 17%. Hoping to get the concept before I reach old age.

For a plebeian rider like me, it is all about perseverance. My target was 1-2%/wk…when I got within 15% I targeted 1% at least twice/week. I was within 900 meters so I thought…what the hell…AdZ it is…did the downhill on the Tron.

In the last 9 months I think I have done 3 large mountains…

pro tip: load up ur fav. workouts on Alpe du Zwift route (workouts don’t apply course gradient to ur trainer, although climb speed will still be defined by power output during the workout).

Makes the Alpe du Zwift spam a bit less boring at least :wink: