Everest - unlocked Emonda not Tron bike


I signed up for the Everest Challenge a while ago, last week I was at 99%.

I rode swift today and unlocked the Trek Emonda.

I checked my Everest Challenge; it shows me at 17% today and I didn’t get the Tron bike. Can you please advise?

Kind Regards.

Claire Hardy.

The good/bad news (depending on your perspective) is that everything is probably working as it ought to.

The Everest challenge will “complete” at 8000m or so and unlock the Trek Emonda; though the progress bar will then move to a 50000m climbing target, complete that and you’ll unlock the Z1 concept / Tron bike.

Good luck and happy climbing!

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Oh man!!! Ok thank you, glad I’m still on track to get the Tron bike; I’ll keep on climbing :rofl::rofl:

Hah! Idiot moment here…thought the 100% on my Everest Challenge was for the initial 8000m or so and couldn’t figure out how to keep track of the extra m climbed to work for the Tron. This was really starting to bother me so after some searching online I found the 50,000m target, then did the conversion to feet. D’oh! I’ve climbed 50,000m (164,042 ft) …BUT WHERE’S MY TRON BIKE? I thought there would be more fanfare when I earned it, but I guess I missed it. Went to my garage and there it was. Knowing the official name (Concept Z1) was key as I guess I was looking for Tron. Ugh. So many rides it would have been better on. Hope y’all have a laugh (and learn) at my expense. :rofl:

I am so happy to see that the issue have been solved. Keep suggesting such a post.

Can I check if there is any time limit to complete the 50,000m elevation? Can I slowly take my time to complete it even if it will be a year?

You can take as long as you need.

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