Tron bike missing

Finished Mr. Everest Challenge today (yes, I was signed up for it😀) but I didn’t get the Tron bike (aka, Zwift Concept 1). Looks ■■■■ I got Zwift Edmonda instead. Pretty disappointing. Can anyone help?

Yes. You need to do a lot more climbing!

Hi @Chelsea_Asaro welcome to the forums! I’m Oscar from Zwift,
@David_Galbraith thanks for sharing information

Could you please share with us more details such as screenshots of what you received? Some challenges indeed require your effort when climbing. If you’d also like to contact us directly we can check your account and provide one-on-one support

Ha ha. I see that now. I thought it was too easy. Looks like I better get back on Zwift and knock out more of those climbs :laughing:.