Everest Climb Challenge

(Luis Andarcia Ultrabikex ) #1

Hi there,

Anyone else having this issue? It was fun to climb Everest, until I noticed that I was already over the summit at the “Tropopause”? 164042ft or 50000mts climbed… Everest is 29029ft

I just want to unlock another challenge, already did California and Italy.


(Lin Alan) #2

Not sure I understand.

The Everest challenge goes up to 50000m. The first 8850m gets you to the top of Everest and if I remember correctly will complete the challenge. However, if you complete the remaining 41,150m, you will unlock the Zwift Concept Z1 aka “Tron” bike . So, if you want that “Tron” bike, leave the Everest challenge selected and keep on climbing until you reach 100%.

(Steve Ellis) #3

And there is no other challenge. The graphic shows big icons for four challenges, but we’ve only had access to California, Italy and Everest.

As Lin wrote, stay on Everest until you’ve gotten to 50,000 meters to achieve phase 2 of the Everest challenge, and get the Tron bike.

(Luis Andarcia Ultrabikex ) #4

Thanks for your replies. I’m confused though, the graphic shows me already over the top of the Everest, but 23% complete. 164042 ft climbed. I think the completion percentage hasn’t moved in a while. I’ll log in some elevation today and see what happens.


(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #5

2 things.
First, remove your phone number from your post, it is against Zwift Forum guidelines to post personal info and it’s also bad internet practice.

Second, make sure you still have the Everest Challenge selected to all of your elevation goes to it. This link might help you understand it better: https://zwiftinsider.com/climb-mt-everest/

(Luis Andarcia Ultrabikex ) #6

Hey Paul,

Didn’t mean to post my number, I replied directly from my email account. Thanks for noting that.