Everesting question

So, as of today I have climbed 32,965 feet.  When I look at the Everest challenge in-game it says I’m 20% done.  What??  Wikipedia says Everest is 29,029 feet high.  Any idea what’s going on?

Have you done all that climbing since selecting to join the Everest challenge? The challenge only logs the effort since chosing to join that challenge, and does not retrospectively apply your climbing.

If you keep climbing you get the Tron Bike


  1. Select the Everest Challenge in Zwift
  2. At the top of Mt Everest (8,850m) keep going!
  3. Climb 50,000 additional  meters  and you will unlock the coveted “Concept Z1” (aka “the Tron bike”)

Whoa. Newly found respect for those who halve completed this challenge!


I selected the Everest Challenge a couple of days ago. Yesterday I did a 37Km and 592 elevation gain ride but as I look in the Everest Challenge screen, it is still showing Zero…

As I review the activity,  Zwift put “(Partial)”…   Does anyone know what that means and if that is why it is not counting towards the challenge?

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late here Pablo - and hoping that by this time you have a nice new ride. From my experience a “Partial” save comes from a glitch when you end your ride and hit save - often from a poor wifi connection. I think Zwift does an auto-save every 10 mins of your ride so I’ve gotten in the habit of ending most rides a little after a 10min point (51, 61, 71 mins etc…)

I’ve climbed somewhere around 29,000 feet.  I know for a fact that I’ve done all that climbing while having the everest challenge selected.  My percent complete used to be much higher…in the 90% but now is reporting only 17% complete.  There has to be a bug here.  Any comments zwift folks, thanks!

I’m REALLY annoyed at Zwift. I’ve been using it for ages, am on level 14 and have climbed 16.8 miles in total (nearly 90,000 feet).I have never had any challenge selected because I thought it was just a waste of time, like those effing ride-ons. Now I find out I could have got a Trek Emonda and be over half-way towards a Tron bike if I’d selected that stupid challenge!

None of the miles I’ve done have been counted towards any challenge. Surely it would be fair to allow them to be applied to a challenge retrospectively if they haven’t already counted towards a different challenge??

I feel that Zwift should have made it clearer that it was in my interests to select a challenge, or should have automatically enrolled me in a random one if I didn’t select.



Two things might help regarding the interface for challenge selection:

  1. If no challenge is selected display “No Challenge Selected”.

  2. Make selecting the change look like a button to be selected. I believe I had to hover my mouse pointer over the words “Select A Challenge” then click. 

For general information: 

164,042 feet = 50,000 meters

The Concept Z1 bike (Tron bike) is awarded after climbing a total of 164,042 feet while in the Everest Challenge, over any number of rides.

I also think that climbing miles in workouts shouldn’t count towards climbing challenges (i assume they do?). And perhaps you should have to have the gradient simulator set above a certain percentage and be using a trainer that provides resistance. Otherwise it’s not climbing, it’s just looking at a video of a mountain… I never use the mountain route when doing workouts, it would just be silly…

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Watts are watts regardless if you are on the flat or climbing the mountain. Also, dropping the gradient simulator does not give you any advantage when climbing. 

Paul - yes, I’m completely aware of that thanks…

However, spinning up a 14% slope in a 52/12 gear is not a remotely accurate simulation of climbing. If you are going to give people credit for meters climbed it should be for doing something that feels like climbing IMO…

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Why do you care so much about how others do their climbing? Does it really matter what gear someone is when they are climbing as long as their trainer/power meter is calibrated and they are putting out the watts. 

Zwift is designed so anyone one can use it and comments like your’s tend to make people feel like it’s only for elitist with certain setups. 

FFS, this forum is so obstructive and unimaginative! I was just making a suggestion for how a challenge that specifically relates to climbing could be made more realistic and distinct from other challenges.

I couldn’t care less about these challenges really, but it would be nice to offer something on zwift that challenges people in other ways than “how much time can you spend on Zwift”…

Climbers get a bad deal on zwift generally. Only one moderately long climb, and that punctuated by lots of flat bits and short downhills. Virtually no races on the mountain route.

It does matter incidentally whether someone has the gradient simulator set appropriately or not for realistic interaction on climbs. You can always tell when you are racing against someone who is doing it properly because they will put out more watts on the steeper sections - it’s actually an advantage competitively because it encourages you to put in most effort where it is most effective.

Zwift can simulate climbing extremely well and competitive climbing is an amazingly immersive experience - it’s just a shame that the way the environment is designed and managed almost actively discourages that,