Mt Everest challenge isn't showing completed, curious calculations

I believe I completed Mt Everest but now it is saying I am 18% complete.  But it is saying I have climbed 29K out of 161K feet.  So it is comparing the height of Mt Everest to the total number of feet I have climbed since I started using Zwift Island rather than how many feet I have climbed during the challenge vs the height of Everest.

Anybody else seen this?

It’s a 2 part challenge…welcome to part two. :slight_smile:

You guys are full of surprises.

Just keep going!

yes, I am working on the second part as well …

As my bike seems to levitate off the summit …

I did the math.  I don’t think I’m going to make it to the Stratosphere (that is where the number came from, right?) this winter.  164k of climbing is a lot.  I have started doing an extra couple climbs, though, when on the island using the reverse button.


Same here - was surprised and disappointed to see my completion % go from  99% to 19%…

Well at least I know it isn’t a fault! 

yeah, i thought i just hit the top and i got the 18% thing. that really sucks. What a disappointment. i wish you would have something that illustrated this from the start. I know its only a silly neon bike but I feel really robbed. What a terrible way to set it up. I suggest changing it.

also your graphic shows i’m at the summit. why would you show it like that if it was a 2 part? where do i ride on the second part…in the air? Really, what the hell.

Agree this felt like bait and switch I’m at 99% and the next thing I know I’m a 17%, kinda BS.


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This has to be a bug - part 2 doesn’t make sense and if that is the intent, I’m very disappointed.  Was looking forward to move to other challenges.  Please fix!  is not like   Zwift is free…


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Given the prize (the Tron bike), simply doing Everest would be too easy.  Maybe they should indicate it’s a two parter, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s great that they make it a real challenge.  Now if they would finally add some new challenges beyond this, California, and Italy.

Same thing happened to me. I was excited to keep pushing to the top of the mountain and then suddenly found out that I had to also ride into the sky for…ever. I didn’t stop to research how high Everest really is compared to their cartoon mountain…but who would? Now I’ve totally lost interest in it. I guess some day I’ll get the Tron bike just because miles add up. but they sort of took the wind out of my sail with the way they did this. I don’t get why on earth they’d have you riding into the sky!

The other issue is the races. You’ll see under 3.0 kg/w races with people pushing at 4-6 kg/w averages! We all know they’re cheating but still, took the fun out of it for me. The group rides I like though. seems to be less cheater there.

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There is a  “Tron” Bike  unlocked when you hit 50,000m on the Everest Challenge

Just experienced the same thing!  Was at 98% plus, climbed over the height of Everest, Trek Emonda bike was unlocked and then 18% complete!  I am fine with it being a 2 part challenge, but explain it clearly, Zwift…

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I just like passing people on Tron bikes. It reminds me of  that guy at races who owns the brand new $8000 bike but hasn’t trained very much. I can wait for mine…

Everest is the cruelest joke in Zwift.  :slight_smile:

We don’t say the Tron bike is the prize for the Everest challenge, nor do we tell people there’s a bonus challenge, so I’m not sure why people would be disappointed to learn there’s a bonus challenge with an even cooler prize.

The Everest challenge gets you an Emonda.  If you want to do phase two of the challenge beyond that you’re free to, and for doing that you will earn the Concept bike (aka, “Tron bike”).  

I personally think it’s great to have such a challenging challenge and find the whole controversy pretty amusing.  The Tron bike is such a coveted item.  Friends see friends with it and want it.  Even friends I’ve mentioned the whole 50k meters to on numerous occasions have been surprised not to get it at 29k feet. You can’t help those that don’t pay attention.

So while on the subject, how about some new challenges?