Everest challenge bug?

Hi, this morning I had 800m left to complete the Everest challenge, so I did a race with 900m of climbing in it. Before the end of the race I got the Trek Emonda awarded BUT the meters I completed were not added to the Everest challenge?!

Possibly related, my stats for last 30 days are 8900m, but stats ‘all time’ are 8200… all very odd…

Yeah my stats also do not seem to add up. Not sure when this is updated and how…

Since my original post, my stats appear to have been re-calculated, but they left all time stats unchanged but reduced my last 30 day stats instead of correcting all time stats. Net impact is I have to reclimb 800m of everest to be awarded a bike which… I was already awarded and have in garage. Strange and disappointing.

The same happens to me occasionally. I’ll complete a ride, but the elevation gained is not added to my Everest challenge. When it happens, I inevitably get a message after the ride, after I select “save and exit”, that states Zwift closed unexpectedly. I don’t sweat it much. I figure the extra climbing will do me good, and the Tron bike will be well earned when I eventually get it. Cheers.

Yes, I finished a ride in the week and had achieved 32% I went up alp D Huez last night and my total has stayed at 32% !

Make sure that you’re not logged in on another device. That causes this sort of problem.